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Moving costs charged by the packers and movers Guntur consists of various factors. Before hiring a moving company for your relocation, it is always better to compare the prices of various competitive companies based on these factors. It is always better to know about the detailed information about the moving costs before hiring one for the relocation. Find the main inclusions in the charges of moving company -

  • Number of goods needs to be shifted

  • Packing materials

  • Distance covered from one location to the other

  • Shifting of antique items like clocks, furniture, etc. involves extra costs

  • Moving insurance

  • Road tax or state border tax

  • Inclusion of GST in the final moving cost

  • Quantity of goods: The amount of packing materials required, truck size, etc. will depend on the number of household goods to be moved. The larger the volume of goods, the more will be the cost of shifting.

  • Packing quality: The cost of packaging depends on the quality of packing materials selected by the customer. The higher the quality of packing materials, the more will be the packing costs.

  • Distance to be covered: The cost of relocation depends on the distance to be traveled. The longer the distance, the more fuel and time will be required to move the goods.

  • Manpower required: The number of household goods and the size of the move will significantly impact the number of manpower required for the job. Higher the number of labor, the higher will be the moving cost.

  • Additional relocation services: Unpacking, warehousing and storages, moving insurance, etc. are some of the additional moving services offered by packers and movers Guntur for your intercity shifting. These services are chargeable in nature.

  • Location of the destination: The destination city will also impact the movers and packers Delhi charges. The cost of moving to a metropolitan city from Guntur will be less as compared to the rural areas or townships.

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Hiring trusted packers and movers in Guntur can be a tricky procedure for you as they is a pool of rogue moving companies in the market. The below checklist will help you recruit the best and reliable packers and movers Guntur and save you from fake movers and packers.

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